Review: Super fun with Super Wubble Brite

Review: Super fun with Super Wubble Brite

I always get super excited when I get to review the Wubble Line. I had the pleasure of reviewing the Super Wubble Ball as well as the Water Wubble. My kids had such a blast with both. That is why when I found out that I would have the opportunity to review the Super Wubble Brite, I was so excited for them.

Super Wubble Brite is the Light Up, Color Changing Super Wubble Ball. The makers of the Super Wubble Ball bring you Super Wubble Brite but this Wubble looks like a bubble and lights up the night. Super Wubble Brite puts on a serious light show. It is squishable and squashable just like all the Wubble Balls.

It did not take too long for the kids to rip open the box. If they knew how to put the batteries into the pump they would have. I was working on a few things so I was not able to pump it right away but believe me, I should have. Every 5 minutes they were in my office asking me to pump it so they can play with it. Once I finished working we got it going. I say that I should have pumped it right away because it only took a couple minutes to inflate it so I would have saved myself a HUGE headache.

Needless to say, they had a blast! I was trying to keep the dog away but they had too much fin with the dog. Surprisingly the dog did not pop it. We closed all the curtains and lights so they can see all of the changing lights. In the midst of all the playing, I was able to get the cooking done without them coming in to ask something LOL.

With the holidays approaching, I am sure the kiddos will be asking for this. Check out to order one! Super Wubble Brite is also available at Target, Toys R Us and more!

Disclosure: I received compensation for the above post. All opinions are my own.

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