Dollar General Penny List Starting 10/27

Dollar General Penny List Starting 10/27

Dollar General Penny Shopping Basics:

  1. NEVER EVER EVER ask the employees about the penny list!!!
  2. Some employees don’t know about it and those that do will tell you that their store doesn’t offer penny items.
  3. Please always be kind to your cashiers. Sometimes you will get employees that will be difficult to deal with, but as long as you have a copy of their penny policy up and kindly show them that all penny items not pulled are available for purchase.
  4. I know this sounds cruel but CLEAR THE SHELVES!!!! If you don’t the employees will remove the penny items that you left behind and all those items will end up in the trash.
  5. Please do not leave a mess! It is not fair to the employees.
  6. When hunting for penny items remember THE ITEM HAS TO BE THE EXACT SAME! SKU AND SIZE!
  7. IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY – MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD THE DOLLAR GENERAL APP AND UPDATE IT. There is a price scanner at the upper right-hand side where you can price check items to verify the pricing.

 Dollar General Penny List 10/27/20:

  • M&M Snack Pack Peanut 6ct – SKU 40000467076
  • Snickers w/Almond Snack Pack 6ct – SKU 40000493723
  • Twix White Choc 6Pk 3.39oz – SKU 40000544555
  • Twix Candy Bar CookiesNCreme 6ct – SKU 40000558194
  • Skittles Peg Bag Dips 2.5oz – SKU 22000278159
  • Dove PB Dark Choc Peg Bag 2.2oz – SKU 40000545231
  • Dove PB Milk Choc Peg Bag 2.2oz – SKU 40000545200
  • AustralianGold Suntan CSpray Bronzer SPF30 6oz – SKU 430000637089
  • AustralianGold Suntan S/Gel Bronzer SPF15 8oz – SKU 400001791967
  • Babyganics Sunscreen Ltn 6oz – SKU 813277012108
  • Babyganics Sunscreen Spry SPF50 6oz – SKU 813277012078
  • Jergens Mousse N/Glow InstSun-L/Brnz 1.5oz – SKU 19100209398
  • No-Ad SunscreenStick Sport SPF50 1.5oz – SKU 774214177
  • No-Ad Suntan Lotion Sport SPF50 16oz – SKU 897640002200
  • No-Ad Suntan CSpray Sport SPF50 8.7oz – SKU 774216034
  • No-Ad Kids Suntan CSpray SPF50 8.7oz – SKU 897640002910
  • No-Ad Baby Suntan Lotion SPF50 13oz – SKU 774213019
  • Studio Select B0500 U/Mist SPF50 Sport 9.1oz – SKU 72785138186
  • Studio Select B0188 Lotion SPF50 3oz – SKU 72785136885
  • Studio Select B0494 Lotion ShrTch SPF100 3oz – SKU 430001315320
  • Studio Select B0086 CSpray SPF15 TanD/Oil 5.5oz – SKU 371661770077
  • Studio Select B0199 CSpray SPF85 5.5oz – SKU 371661770060
  • Studio Select B0047 CSpray SPF70 9.1oz – SKU 72785136922
  • Studio Select B0064 CSpray SPF50 5.5oz – SKU 400003142293
  • Studio Select B0062 CSpray Sport SPF30 5.5oz – SKU 400003142309
  • Studio Select B0027 Lotion Kids SPF50 8oz – SKU 72785136908
  • Studio Select B0063 CSpray Kids SPF50 5.5oz – SKU 400003142354

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