FREE Printables for Kids – Preschool – Highschool!

FREE Printables for Kids – Preschool – Highschool!

Free Printables Preschoolers

  • Alphabet I Spy – Reinforce your child’s letter recognition skills with this printable I-Spy activity.
  • Color by Number – Practice colors, numbers, and fine motor skills with these free color by number printables. Enter your email at to get access to this and other free content during school closures.
  • Connect the Dots (1-20) – Dot-to-dot activities are a fun way to practice number recognition and counting, and they make great coloring pages after they’re completed too!
  • Indoor Scavenger Hunt – We love that this scavenger hunt comes with a printable picture list for emerging readers!
  • Outdoor Scavenger Hunt – This is a printable list (with both pictures and words) of things your child can look for in their own backyard.
  • Movement Mat – Although you may have to help your preschooler with reading these activities, many of them can be done independently to burn off some energy. Have your child color in the boxes as they complete them!
  • Preschool Relief Packs – These printable packets come with developmentally appropriate printables for every academic subject, plus bonus songs and videos too!
  • Printable Worksheets – There are hundreds of free printable worksheets to help reinforce your child’s academic skills on

Grades K-2

  • Connect the Dots (1-100) – Keep your primary student counting all the way to 100 with these fun dot-to-dot activities.
  • Gratitude Journal Prompts – Enter your email at Kitchen Table Classroom to print out this 7-page gratitude journal. It’s full of graphic organizers that are perfect for younger children to draw or write about the things they have to be thankful for.
  • Indoor Scavenger Hunt – Print this list of things to look for inside your home, and add a few of your own to customize the fun.
  • Outdoor Scavenger Hunt – This printable has room for kids to sketch pictures of the things they find in their own backyard.
  • Primary Relief Packs – These printable packets cover all the academic subjects your child would be studying in school, and they come highly recommended by some of our favorite primary teachers!
  • Printable Worksheets – There are hundreds of worksheets that you can filter by grade level and subject matter on
  • Sight Word Printables – Practicing sight words at home is a great way to increase reading fluency. 123 Homeschool 4 Me has over 50 printable activities to help your child master the high-frequency Dolch sight words.
  • Themed I Spy Printables – If your child enjoys the I Spy books, they will love being able to circle or color in their finds on these printable I Spy pages!

Grades 3-5

  • Curriculum Associates – The makers of iReady (a program that many students are already using at school) have designed printable math and reading packets full of self-directed exercises and skills practice for children to work on at home.
  • Cursive Writing Practice Worksheets – Cursive handwriting is definitely one of those “use it or lose it” skills. Enter your email at to download these and select other printables for FREE!
  • Dictionary Scavenger Hunt – Despite living in the Internet Age, students are still expected to master the use of a dictionary! Print out this scavenger hunt and let your child use a real, live dictionary (as opposed to the online version) to answer the questions.
  • Educational Insights – A team of scientists, teachers, and artists has created these high-quality printables across multiple subject areas for students up through Grade 6.
  • Gratitude Scavenger Hunt – This scavenger hunt will remind your big kid of the things in their world that they can be thankful for. Challenge your child to write a sentence or two about each find and why it’s meaningful for them.
  • Intermediate Relief Packs – Select the packet designed specifically for your child’s grade level and print and packet of activities related to English, Math, Phonics, Reading, Science, Social Studies, and Writing.
  • Math Scavenger Hunt Bingo – This printable game reinforces important math vocabulary and encourages kids to see math all around them.
  • Printable Puzzles – When you register your email with All Kids Network, you’ll get free access to all sorts of puzzles your big kid will enjoy. There are mazes, hidden pictures, simple sudoku puzzles, and more.
  • Printable Worksheets – There are hundreds of worksheets that you can filter by grade level and subject matter on Math, Reading, Science, and Writing are available for grades 3-5.

Middle School

  • Achieve3000 – These printable packets include middle school learning activities for math, language arts, science, reading, and literacy.
  • Curriculum Associates – These printable math and reading packets are designed to provide students through grade 8 with self-directed learning exercises and skills practice.
  • EdHelper – This website provides high-quality printables for homeschooling parents and teachers of all subject areas. The materials are usually available to paid subscribers only, but anyone who registers their email address during school closures is eligible to print select FREE resources.
  • Gratitude Log – In difficult times, writing down the good stuff can help. This free printable will get your middle schooler thinking about everything they have to be grateful for.
  • K12Reader – Printable worksheets are available for students in grades 6-8 with a focus on reading, writing, spelling, and vocabulary.
  • Vocabulous – These printables will help your middle-schooler to build up a fabulous vocabulary with the help of a dictionary.
  • Outdoor Scavenger Hunt – Get your middle schooler outside with this fun printable scavenger hunt from REI. Give them access to a camera or have them use a phone to take pictures of their finds!

High School

  • Achieve3000 – These printable packets include strategic math, language arts, science, reading, and literacy learning activities from a company that already partners with many school districts.
  • EdHelper – These high-quality printables are normally available to homeschooling parents and teachers by subscription only, but now anyone who registers their email address can access select printables for FREE! There is an impressive variety of educational printables across a wide range of subject areas.
  • Junk to Joy Gratitude Journal – Practicing gratitude can help your teenager feel increased levels of happiness and well being during this difficult time. This free printable includes instructions for creating a unique journal using materials your high schooler can find around the house, and 45 writing prompts to get them started.
  • Just Color – Coloring is a relaxing activity for kids of all ages, and there are SO many free printable coloring pages for teenagers and adults on With dozens of different categories to choose from, there’s sure to be a coloring page for every interest.
  • K12Reader – This website features an abundance of printables focusing on areas of literacy such as reading, writing, spelling, and vocabulary.
  • Printable Puzzles – Stump your high-schooler with these fun printable puzzles! This website has free word puzzles, number puzzles, logic puzzles and so much more to mentally challenge your teen.
  • Photo Scavenger Hunt – Have your teen practice their photography skills with this fun printable scavenger hunt. Although it was designed by a teacher to be completed at school, most of these items can be found around the home or backyard too.

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