Dollar General Penny List 1/14 

Dollar General Penny List 1/14 

Dollar General Penny Shopping Basics:

  1. NEVER EVER EVER ask the employees about the penny list!!!
  2. Some employees don’t know about it and those that do will tell you that their store doesn’t offer penny items.
  3. Please always be kind to your cashiers. Sometimes you will get employees that will be difficult to deal with, but as long as you have a copy of their penny policy up and kindly show them that all penny items not pulled are available for purchase.
  4. I know this sounds cruel but CLEAR THE SHELVES!!!! If you don’t the employees will remove the penny items that you left behind and all those items will end up in the trash.
  5. Please do not leave a mess! It is not fair to the employees.
  6. When hunting for penny items remember THE ITEM HAS TO BE THE EXACT SAME! SKU AND SIZE!
  7. IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY – MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD THE DOLLAR GENERAL APP AND UPDATE IT. There is a price scanner at the upper right-hand side where you can price check items to verify the pricing.

 Dollar General Penny List 1/14/20:

  • NCAA Nail Tattoos  430000227792
  • NCAA NoteCard Set  804134301732

50% Off:

Holiday Plastics 

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