Top 7 Couponing Mistakes

Don’t chase every deal– If you run to the store every time a deal is posted then you will just burn yourself out. Trust me, I know this from personal experience. I used to jump to either clip the coupon or print it and head to the store. All products have a sale cycle.  The prices fluctuate over a 6-12 week span.  At one point during that time, you’ll find each product’s lowest price. Always keep in mind that your time is valuable and when you are running around to grab those deals, you are spending time and gas to get to those stores so make a plan and stick to it.

Don’t buy anything and everything just because it is free – Slow and steady is what I say. I am sure as you begin your couponing journey, more and more excitement builds as you score those deals and hardly pay anything out of pocket. Especially when it is FREE. I found that I used to just get the items even though I do not even like the product just because I did not pay anything for it. Now, if you plan on donating items (Which I highly recommend) then do not waste your efforts just because it is free.

Setting unrealistic goals – I know 99% of you have heard of or watched the Extreme Couponing show. I will be blunt right now…FORGET THE SHOW! It is TV and it is there for ratings. There is not much on that show that is realistic. Maybe back then you were able to grab 50 bottles of Ketchup for free but now, stores and coupons have limits on them.

Being unprepared – When you head over to a store, make sure you have a plan. Write down everything! Items you are buying, Coupons you are using, what you will spend out of pocket, and which rewards you will get back. Guys, things happen, as I have picked up the wrong size or just the wrong item. This has saved me quite a few time in the past. Make sure you have it all ready to roll!

Make a plan – This is a big one. Make sure you have your coupons organized in a way that makes sense to you. I have a few different tips on ways to help you get organized.

The plan did not go your way? It happens. The item is out of stock or they limit the number of items you wanted to purchase. You will run into these types of a situation over and over again. Just remember, that sale and coupon will come back around again.

Getting mad at they Cashier – I am going to be honest. There are MANY cashiers that are either not trained properly or just do not like couponers. It is what it is. There is nothing you can do to change it so getting frustrated or arguing with the cashier will not help your situation. Just remember that they are human as well. The best advice I can give is if a coupon does not scan or the transaction is not going according to your plan then do not take that item.

One thing you need to remember, couponing takes time to learn. Learn the store’s coupon policy, read the matchups each week and make a list based on the coupon you have available.

Make sure to check out more tips for beginners!

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