Five Fun and Frugal Organizing Tips

There are so many fun and easy ways to get organized out there. Many of them are very simple and have you going “.Why didn’t I think of that” when you see them. Here are some of my favorites.

#1 – Extra Rod In The Shower

This is so handy! Add an extra rod along the wall of your shower. Hang washcloths, small spray bottles and mini baskets to help keep the shower organized.

#2 – Handy Pocket in the Cupboard

This is one of my favorites! Thumbtack or tape a plastic page saver or ploy pocket to the inside of your kitchen cupboard door. I keep recipes I use a lot in there and other things like baking equivalents. When cooking I can open the door slide a recipe in and easily see what I need without getting the recipe card messy.

#3 – Cup Hooks Are So Handy

I love cup hooks. You can place a few of these by your poly bag for handing measuring spoons. Use them up under cupboards for actually hanging cups. In my sewing room they hold my scissors, Cricut mats, measuring tapes and more. In the office – rulers, scissors, small bags with things like thumbtacks or paper clips.

#4 – Shoe Bags Make It Easy

Another favorite organizational item that is super cheap, think the Dollar Tree,  are over the door shoe bags. In a bathroom they can hold things like hair spray, hair brushes, personal care items and even clean wash clothes. I use them in my sewing and craft room. In kid’s bedrooms they can help little ones stay organized when you put small toys in them, such as matchbox cars and Barbies.  In a baby’s room it’s a quick fix for baby powder, lotion, diapers and more. The ideas are endless.

#5 – Recycle Cereal Boxes

These make very handy magazine holders. You simply cut off the top and cut a slanted side. A simple online search will provide lots of directions. You can also use these to store lids to plastic containers. One of my own personal nightmares!!

Watch for more fun frugal tips to come!!



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