Expired: Smart & Final – Hot Meat Deals!!

Smart & Final Deal (Through 9/12 )

Hot Meat Deals!

Chicken, Drumsticks or Thighs, per lb – $0.77

Beef, Carne Asada, Marinated, per lb – $3.99

Beef, Sirloin, per lb – $3.99

Beef, Stew Meat, per lb – $4.99

Chicken, Breast, Baja Citrus Thin Sliced, per lb – $3.99

First Street Shrimp, per lb – $7.99

Pork, Chops, per lb – $3.99

Pork, Neckbones, per lb – $1.49

Pork, Shoulder, Picnic Roast, per lb – $0.89

Talapia, Fillets, per lb – $2.99

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