New Meal Plan – 10 Organic Meals for $102 Using Organic Ingredients from Costco!

We have a brand new meal plan from my friend Erin today! I’m really excited to see this one… it’s especially awesome for those of you that are trying to eat ORGANIC on a budget!

10 Freezer-Friendly Organic Meals for $102 Using Organic Ingredients from Costco!

I hear people say all the time that it’s just too expensive to eat organic. The fact is, you can still save money on organic foods if you follow the same ‘rules’ that you do on conventional food. Sure, you’ll pay a bit more, but you can still save money!

If you shop at Costco, you will find that many of their organic ingredients are very reasonably priced. Erin knows this all too well and has compiled a brand new freezer friendly meal plan, this time using all organic ingredients, sold at Costco!

10 Organic Meals Plan from $5 Dinners

In this brand new organic ingredient meal plan, you’ll find…

  • 2 chicken recipes
  • 2 ground beef recipes
  • 1 vegetarian recipe. 

You’ll also receive…

  • Warehouse Store Shopping List – one shopping list for the warehouse store (this list can be easily adapted for any grocery store!)
  • Complete recipes list – recipes for all meals included (including 2 bonus homemade spice recipes!),
  • Assembly prep instructions – outline of how to get everything prepared for the assembly of the meals.
  • Assembly instructions – complete step-by-step listing of how to put all the meals together so you don’t waste a minute of time in the kitchen.
  • Assembly video instructions – video of Erin putting all the meals together so you can watch the video of the assembly process so you don’t feel alone in your efforts!
  • Printable labels – included for 4 freezer-friendly recipes.

Best part – all this can be prepped for the freezer in LESS THAN 1 HOUR! 

Find out more and Get yours HERE!

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