Didn’t Get Your Catalina You Were Expecting? Here’s How To Contact The Catalina Company!

catalina-machineIf you are looking to find out how to contact the Catalina Company for a missed Catalina Coupon – you’re in the right place!

There are several reasons why your Catalina Coupon may not have printed.  Sometimes the machine is turned off.  Sometimes it’s out of paper.  Sometimes we really just have no idea!

If you didn’t receive a Catalina Coupon you were expecting for an advertised offer, and if you purchased the qualifying size, type or quantity within the offer period, you can do one of two things within 14 days of your transaction.  

  1. You can call 888-826-8766
  2. OR – I think the easiest way to submit a claim, is to Submit your claim ONLINE.

If you decide to use the online option, go HERE.  Use the drop down box to select ‘I didn’t receive a coupon or offer I was expecting in the store‘.

Follow the prompts and enter your Store Information, starting with the zip code for the store where you shopped, the address, etc.


Next, you’ll need to tell them what promotion you were trying to do (i.e. $3 General Mills Catalina wyb 6 Participating items), and the number of Catalina Coupons you were expecting to receive (most of the time this will be ONE).  You don’t have to get crazy technical with this, but make sure you use the BRAND name so they can locate the offer.

contact-the-catalina-company-4For the next page of information, you will need your store receipt.  From that receipt you will need to enter the transaction details, the date and time of your transaction, the amount, as well as some of the codes.  This information is used by the Catalina Company to locate your transaction.

Finally, you’ll need to tell the Catalina Company where to mail you Catalina Coupon (your home address).

There is a final page at the end that gives you the option to upload your receipt.  This is not required, but if you have the means, I would recommend you do so.  If nothing else, it gives them a reference just in case some of the numbers, etc from the receipt were entered into the form incorrectly.  You can also leave any other comments that you feel necessary.

That’s it!  In my experience these are mailed quickly, within a few days!

Contact the Catalina Company HERE!

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