Walgreens: Christmas Wrapping Paper ONLY $0.25!

walgreens-christmas-clearanceIf you’re near a Walgreens, hop in and check to see how much they are selling the Christmas Wrapping Paper for!

My store had a TON, and it is ALL $0.25 per roll.  I bought 36 rolls today, for a whopping $9.  I won’t need to buy wrapping paper next year, and probably not the year after that either, lol!  My guess is it will go FAST at this price, so if you’re near one today, give it a shot!

My store also had the rest of the Christmas items for 75% OFF.  It’s a good time to stock some things away for next year!

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  1. tina says

    my store had a ton of these, but i only got 3 since i didnt want to stock up… my fam doesnt do gifts anymore for christmas since we’re all older. i also got lindt chocolates for .29 cents a bar and almond roca bags for .39cents. i got holiday chapstick, mirrors, eyemakeup, lotions, and other sorts stocking stuffers for .10cents. yay gifts for me

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