Reader Shopping Trip: PRODUCE Haul From The 99¢ Only Store!

99-cent-store-fresh-produceLook what Reader Jessica was able to purchase at the 99¢ Only Store today!  Did you know that they sell Fresh Produce at the 99¢ Only Store?  She only spent around $20 for this CART FULL of FRESH PRODUCE!

Unfortunately, the 99¢ Only Stores DO NOT TAKE COUPONS, but you can find some nice deals if you’re willing to look!  All items are not $0.99, but several items are.  Fresh produce and Grocery items are available each day in select stores.  Jessica recommends that you ask your store when they typically see the produce arrive.  I have a feeling that they have several loyal shoppers that know exactly when this stuff get delivered.  (The secret’s out now!)  I’ve been wanting to go inside one of these stores for a long time and I haven’t made it in yet.  I can’t wait to go now!

Do you shop the $0.99 Only Store?  What’s been your best find there?

Thanks, Jessica!

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