LA Times $10 Per Year Subscription Deal – STILL AVAILABLE!

LA Times

***If you haven’t taken advantage of the $10 Per Year Subscription offer for the LA Times, it’s STILL AVAILABLE!  Malinda got 2 subscriptions at the $10 rate TODAY (6/7)!***

It’s BACK!!! If you’ve been looking for a Discount on a LA Times Newspaper Subscription, here’s your chance! Pay ONLY $10 Per Year for a Sunday Only Subscription to the LA Times. Apparently this time they will allow you to get FIVE subscriptions delivered at this rate, and I would recommend you take them ALL!

It sounds as if you need to do this over the phone and not the web. Simply call the LA Times at: (800) 326-5500 and give them Promo Code: 8031. This is supposed to be for NEW Subscribers, but I am hearing reports that they are honoring the $10 rate for EXISTING subscribers that are wanting to add on a subscription (or more). Definitely worth trying, in my opinion.

This is the same deal that I got in on awhile back, and since I have it on auto-renewal, I continue to get my papers at the $10 Rate! This is the BEST DEAL ON A SUNDAY NEWSPAPER for Southern California, so JUMP ON THIS ONE!

Thanks, Melissa!

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  1. Michelle says

    I just subscribed to 3 Sunday newspapers for $30 for the year. The deal is still on. They said I can cancel any time. They also said they would notify me via mail a month before the subscription is over. I hope I can get my money’s worth in savings. We shall see!

  2. Jane I says

    Code no longer works well at least fore. He will not add subscriptions, said code is expired do bummer for me. He wouldn’t let my hubby get any in his name. He said one per household

  3. Jane I says

    Disregard my previous comment. That call was routed to the Phillipines. I called back and hot an American in America and I was able to get 4 added to my 1 previous subscription. Yay! It wi start delivery on 6/23 Thank OC Deal I put them on auto renewal like you wrote and he said it will renew for 10.00 each I am so happy and thank u for auto renewal tip

  4. Stacia says

    Just did this today! When I gave her the offer code, the sales lady asked if I was getting the Thurs-Sunday subscription for $20/year. At first I said no, but then I thought, why not?! Thanks for the awesome tip!

    • says

      Hi! I’ve seen it show up at least once a year. Sometimes it also shows up as a Groupon offer, but its usually limited to one subscription or to new subscribers. I’ll keep my eyes open for it to come back. It was active for a LONG time this year. Once you find it active again, if you sign up for auto-renewal your rate will STAY at the $10…. which is really nice!

  5. Sandy says

    Thank you, I started saving and couponing a couple of months back and did not realize that some of the coupons are diff. in the Times vs the city papers. The Times is $1.99 per week now.

    • says

      Your welcome! You can always call the LA Times and ask what the best deal is that they can give you. I’ve seen fliers in the papers advertising a $75 per year rate, but I think they can do better. Worth asking if you’re buying the paper each week anyway. :)


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