Chocolate Croissants – I Found Heaven On The Frozen Foods Aisle!

breakfastIf you’ve been around here long, I’m sure you have learned that I have a deep love for FOOD… especially SWEETS!  I love, love, love to bake but TIME is a luxury that I just don’t have much of these days.  Anytime I can find a GOOD short-cut in the kitchen I’m on it!  These Chocolate Croissants are one of my favorite breakfast treats.  They are bakery quality, and…  wait for it… they come in a BOX!  You can pick them up on the frozen food aisle at Trader Joe’s!

trader-joes-chocolate-croissantsThese come frozen, 4 to a box.  The box itself is only about six inches wide… much smaller than what I would expect.  You pull them out the night before and place them on your baking sheet to rise overnight (recommended 9 hours, but I’ve done less and they were still perfect).  You will wake up to fluffy goodness, ready to pop into the oven.  After 20-25 minutes in a 350 degree oven, your house will smell AMAZING.  These are no doubt BAKERY QUALITY, and the fact that they bake up warm in your own home is priceless.  Just don’t plan for any leftovers… there won’t be any!

*I apologize in advance, but I honestly can’t remember how much these are.  These are one of the (2) Go-To items that I purchase at Trader Joe’s on a regular basis… full price, no coupons.  (The other is their refrigerated cheese tortellini which is ONLY $1.99 per pack and my kids love it.)

Are you harboring any secrets for homemade-quality food, that isn’t really homemade?  Please share by leaving a comment!

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  1. Carol says

    You can bet I will be stopping there on my way home today. I have a $25 giftcard that have been in my wallet since before Thanksgiving. So it will be free for me!!

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