Update On Gillette Razor Deal At CVS + My Deal Scenario!

***UPDATE – I’ve had TWO people confirm that the BASIC BLUE VENUS RAZOR IS TRACKING for the $10 ECB Deal!  Buy 2 or those + 2 Mach3, Use (2) $4 Qs AND (2) BOGO Qs, Pay $6.58, Get Back $10 ECB = $3.42 Money Maker!

I’ve been running around all weekend carting kiddos to soccer games and birthday parties, but I managed to hop in CVS this afternoon to test out the HOT Gillette Razor Deal!

First and foremost, for some reason not all of the razors are tracking toward the $30 ECB promotion, so be sure to check your receipt.  The ad clearly says ‘ANY GILLETTE  SHAVING ITEMS‘ with the word ‘ANY‘ highlighted and in BOLD font.  It has both men’s and women’s refillable razors, cartridges, disposable razors and even shaving gel pictured.  However, I initially purchased a lower-priced Venus razor (it was the Venus Embrace in the pink & orange package and was priced at $8.29 at my store) and a Mach3 razor.  The store I was in only had the one Mach3 razor left on the shelf, so I only purchased these two items.  The $4 coupon and the BOGO coupon both went through just fine, that wasn’t the issue.  However, since I was going to have to go to another store to hit the $30, I looked at the bottom of my receipt.  It showed that I had spent $12.29 towards the Gillette ECB and I needed $17.71 more to get my $10.  The $12.29 was the amount of my Mach3 ONLY, so it didn’t pick up my Venus razor of $8.29.  Again, I have NO IDEA why this particular razor wasn’t included in the tracking, just wanted to warn you.  Here’s a picture of the one that didn’t track for me…

The picture at the TOP of this post is what I ended up doing that DID WORK.  I bought a more expensive Venus razor that I was pretty sure was participating since it’s actually pictured in the ad (Venus & Olay, priced at $11.49).  Since this razor and the Mach 3 razors each over $10, I bought a cheaper Venus razor for my 2nd one (since I didn’t need it to get to the $30 total).  This time I opted for the cheapest of all – the blue one pictured at the top of this post ($7.29 in my store).  I’m not sure if this blue $7.29 razor is tracking or not.  Unfortunately, I didn’t think fast enough and I did this in one transaction so I didn’t get a tracking receipt. AND… since the limit is 1 I couldn’t do it again.

Here’s what I ended up doing:
BUY (1) Venus & Olay Razor – $11.49
AND (1) Venus Razor – $7.29
AND (2) Mach3 Razors – $11.49
Subtotal: $41.76
USED (2) $4/1 Venus Refillable Razor, exp. 9/30/12 (RP 08/12/12)
AND (2): FREE Gillette Mach3 Razor wyb Gillette Razor or Disposable Razor, exp. 9/30/12 (P&G 08/26/12)  {deducted $11.99 x 2}
Paid $9.78, Got Back $10 ECB
=FREE + $0.22 MM!

***I would recommend that you try purchasing one of the blue Venus razors ($7.29) and a Mach3 in a separate transaction FIRST and then check the tracking on the bottom of your receipt.  If it’s working, you can purchase another blue Venus and have a nice money maker on your hands.  (Again, I apologize for not thinking to do this while I was in the store.)  If you find that the blue Venus razor is not tracking, you can do what I did and buy a higher priced Venus in your 2nd transaction.  It’s still pretty much FREE!

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  1. Karin says

    I bought the pink one too, and it also did not register for the $10 rewards. I showed it to the cashier, and she manually printed me up a $10 rewards slip:) The $8.29 pink razor also had a $2Q from the red box, and I already had a $3 off. So, my before-tax total for the Fusion, Mach 3, and pink Venus was $11.27…and I still have the $10 rewards:)

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