Orange County Register – ONLY $12 Per Year (ACT FAST)!

If you’re a resident of Orange County, California you can take advantage of the BEST DEAL on a Sunday Only  Newspaper Subscription around.  Currently, OC Deal Mama readers can Subscribe to Sunday Only delivery of the Orange County Register for just $12 per year, when purchased through this site!  That’s just $0.23 per newspaper vs. the $1.50 you pay at the store or newsstand… and it’s delivered to your door!  This is hands-down the best rate around, and you don’t have to worry about racing to the store to find a paper, or buying a paper only to find the inserts have been stolen.

Already a subscriber?  If you already subscribe to the Orange County Register, you can ADD ON Subscriptions at this Discounted Rate!  They allow UP TO FIVE subscriptions per household.  You might ask… Why in the world would I want (5) copies of the Sunday paper???  MULTIPLE PAPERS = MULTIPLE INSERTS = MULTIPLE COUPONS, FOR MULTIPLE DEALS!!! (Which are necessary to stock up when prices are rock-bottom… the key to Extreme Couponing!)  If you’ve been around here long, I’m sure you’ve seen that magic happen.  (It’s Awesome…)

Unfortunately, I’m hearing rumblings that this RATE MAY GO UP soon… possibly VERY SOON.  I’m not sure what the new rate will be, or when exactly it will take effect… only that it’s probably on the way.  If you’ve been debating getting a subscription, or have been thinking about increasing your weekly copies… NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT!

The Details....


  • Delivery in Orange County, AND in cities bordering Orange County on the North
  • Subscribers pay for a year up front
  • Subscribers can get up to (5) Sunday papers delivered depending on if they are a current subscriber
  • Each subscription is for 52 weeks


  • add-on up to (4) additional Sunday papers
  • each additional Sunday paper is $12 for 52 weeks


  • subscribe for up to (5) Sunday papers
  • initial subscription is $12 for 52 weeks
  • each additional Sunday only paper is $12 each

And before you ask… I do NOT currently have discounted rates for the LA Times.  NOBODY DOES right now.  Occasionally you will see a very limited time offer for the LA Times, sometimes as low as $10.  However, unlike the OC Register deal above, this usually comes in the form of a promo code or through a Daily Deal site like Groupon.  I personally do subscribe to BOTH papers.  BUT, I have ONLY purchased my LA Times subscriptions when I’ve stumbled upon the $10 deal.  I refuse to pay $52 per year for a newspaper that I only want for the COUPONS.

I get (10) newspapers delivered to my door each Sunday… my (5) Orange County Registers that I’m allowed, and (5) LA Times.  I would recommend you take advantage of the OC Register deal and then ADD subscriptions to the LA Times if you see the $10 deal roll back around.  As far as the coupons go, they are for the most part the same. (People are often confused because the LA Times splits the Smart Source into two, but it’s still the same Smart Source insert.) Yes, the LA Times does occasionally get a few coupons that the OC Register does not, and vice-versa.  In my experience, it’s not worth the price difference.  You can usually find a printable coupon alternative, trade with others, or order individual coupons from a clipping service for MUCH LESS.  If you do the math, you can get FOUR copies of the OC Register each Sunday for what you would pay for ONE copy of the LA Times, outside of a special offer.  I’ll take my (4) FREE Razors over (1) $5 coupon for aspirin any day.

If you live outside of the Orange County Delivery area, and are interested in Discount Newspaper Rates, be sure to check my Newspaper Discounts page to see if I have something for your area!

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