GIVEAWAY – Cottonelle Jonathan Adler Roll Cover + $25 Gift Card!

With a family of seven, you can only imagine how much toilet paper we go through at my house (Trust me, it’s A LOT)!  That being said, I am so excited to be included in the latest promotion going with the Cottonelle brand!

Since toilet paper was invented more than 100 years ago, it has been taken for granted. Tossed into a cabinet or shoved into a closet, the same bath tissue that has taken care of your bum has been downright disrespected – until now!  Innovative and chic interior designer Jonathan Adler and the Cottonelle brand have teamed up to explore a space that doesn’t often get adorned with the latest style: TOILET PAPER.  The new Jonathan Adler roll covers give us a stylish, new way to store extra rolls of toilet paper and a new way to RESPECT THE ROLL.

In addition to the new roll covers, they’ve made a great product even better!  Cottonelle Clean Care is the same Cottonelle toilet paper people have loved, but now better.  Now with extra-absorbent ripples, Cottonelle Clean Care is 30% stronger when wet and still provides the softness you have come to expect. Cottonelle Clean Care Toilet Paper is their most care-worthy roll yet and toilet paper this good deserves to be respected.

Cottonelle Clean Care Toilet Paper is now available at your local Albertsons (SuperValu/ACME) store.  When you buy Cottonelle Clean Care Toilet Paper, 18-pack at participating Albertsons stores, you’ll receive a FREE Jonathan Adler Roll Cover [while supplies last]!  You can also order the roll covers online at ($3.99 including shipping and handling).


What better way to celebrate the NEW Cottonelle Clean Care Toilet Paper and the awesome Jonathan Adler roll covers, than a GIVEAWAY!?!  One LUCKY reader will win a $25 SuperValu Gift Card (can be redeemed at Albertsons/ACME, etc) AND a Johnathan Adler Roll Cover!


  • Simply leave a comment on THIS POST letting me know how you currently ‘disrespect’ your roll.  (i.e. where do you keep your backup toilet paper)?  (Facebook entries and/or emails will not be counted.)

This giveaway will close on Friday, February 17th and the winner will be announced Saturday (2/18)!  The winner will be notified by e-mail and will have 48 hours to claim their prize, before a new winner is selected.  GOOD LUCK!  Thank you so much to the Cottonelle Brand for providing this giveaway!

Disclosure: I did receive a Jonathan Adler roll cover to facilitate this giveaway.  However, all comments and opinions are my own and have not been influenced by the Cottonelle Brand or any other party.
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  1. jodi leah baird says

    store it on the shelf.sad thing is i got a roll cover but i use it to store tampons in.they fight perfect and is out of sight and no one has to see the female products!!

  2. Helene Tienda says

    Mine is stored either on the floor next to the toilet, or on the back of the toilet. Disgraceful!!!

  3. Sarah Ann says

    I store the TP on the back of the toilet, shelf above the porcelain throne, or in a metal holder next to the John–just depends on which bathroom it is.

  4. Heather Martínez says

    I have too Many Kids for special hiding places. I leave mine on the back of the toilet where it’s at easy reach for all the little ones.

  5. says

    let’s see… back of the toilet or on a shelf above toilet (which I don’t recommend due to the drop habit of young ones) in the “main” bathroom. in the “private” bath (who has privacy in the bathroom with four children!? not me that is for sure!) I keep it on the sink, back of the toilet or next to the sink – what? I stockpile ^.^

  6. Abbe Brown says

    I keep it next to the toilet on the floor (in the bag) or on the magazine rack :( bad TP keeper LOL

  7. Bobbi Kilbarger says

    Our backup rolls are under the sink in one bathroom and in the linen closet in the other.

  8. Romy says

    We used to keep ours behind the toilet, until our son unrolled all of them! Now they are in the cabinet.

  9. Teela B says

    My extra sits on the back of the toilet but I always grab one from under the sink so by the time I remember the one on the back of the toilet it is pretty dusty lol

  10. jacklyn says

    ugh… they just sit on this floating shelve that is about 10 inches above the toilet… looks pretty ugly…

  11. Jodi Hoppe Wresh says

    Store it in the little bathroom in the hallway(hall closet) a friend mistakenly opened thinking it was the bathroom. so it has been a running joke in our home.

  12. Ally says

    I have a TP holder and at the bottom there’s storage for 2 rolls. Always store TP under my sink and my husbands!

  13. Lynn Wittner says

    Under the sink in the bathroom I keep 8 rolls and I usually have no less than 2 cases in the storage room!

  14. Jenni says

    I have to leave the loose roll on the sink because my puppy pulls the toilet paper and eats it if I leave it on the wall…. I really need one of these so I do just look “lazy” to guests hahaha

  15. Monica Tompkins says

    I disrespect it by not keeping it in the roll cover, they just sit on the shelf, funny thing is, we have a roll cover :-(

  16. Cassie says

    Stack them under the sink and when that’s full they go on top of all the toilets. Which was ok until my baby started cruising and now finds the rolls and rips them to shreds.

  17. Caren Sue Evans says

    My extra toilet paper is stored in the bottom of my hall closet right now….love the idea of having a nice “display”

  18. Heather says

    We have a built in shelf in our bathroom that I keep our back-up rolls at. That way it is within reach of you shall need it. I have a small closet upstairs that stores nothing but paper towels and toilet paper. I would hate to run out and have to run upstairs. 😉