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I’m sure by now you have noticed that the key to Extreme Couponing is to stock up on items when they are at their rock-bottom prices, by combining a store sale with a coupon.  You’ve probably also discovered that, in order to do this effectively, you need to have more than one coupon!

The best source for coupons is the Sunday newspaper.  Each week, the paper will include at least one coupon insert, unless it’s a holiday weekend.  Often the papers will have 2-3 inserts a week, and sometimes as many as 5!  Your best bet to be well-armed with coupons, is to subscribe to multiple copies of your Sunday newspaper.  I’m not suggesting that you order enough to land yourself a gig on TV buying 90 bottles of mustard!  However, in order to build a reasonable, realistic stockpile, I recommend that you subscribe to 4-6 newspapers each week.  Considering you will save several hundred dollars a month, it’s worth the investment!

I am THRILLED to announce, that effective immediately, I am able to offer OC Deal Mama readers Exclusive Discounted Newspaper Subscriptions!  As of now, I have offers available in the following markets:

Southern California
Northern/Central California

Take advantage of these amazing rates and kick your couponing up to EXTREME!

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  1. […] The Sunday Newspaper – Your Sunday paper is still the primary and most reliable place to find coupons.  Your best bet is to subscribe to home delivery, and to subscribe to MULTIPLE copies.  I recommend 4-6 newspapers a week (1 per family member is a good guide).  Why?  Because you’ll get 4-6 of each coupon that comes out that week!  If peanut butter hits a rock bottom price, you’ll have enough coupons to purchase enough to last your family until that rock bottom price rolls around again (about 3 months)!  A Sunday-only subscription should be very reasonable, and it will very likely pay for itself in ONE shopping trip.  You will save HUNDREDS of dollars a month.  HUNDREDS.  (You can find discount newspaper subscriptions right here on this site… CLICK HERE)  If you want to save the maximum amount each month – get yourself multiple Sunday papers! […]

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