Coupon 101: Meet The Direct-Link Coupon Widget!

I’m sure that you’ve noticed this colorful widget in my sidebar, but I haven’t really pointed it out, or explained what it is!

This is a dynamic widget that lists the (15) most recent coupons added to!  See the scrollbar on the right side?  You can pull up or down on it to see additional available coupons!  Best of all, each of the coupons you see has a direct-link to that specific coupon.  No need to waste time searching for it… simply click and print!  EASY!  (Note: If the coupon is in the widget, it’s still available to print… if it’s run out of prints, it won’t appear in the widget.)

Be sure to look at the widget each time you visit my site, in case you see something new before I do!

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